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Update 3/25/13:

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!  There's a little less than a week left for the monthly challenge.  Don't forget to submit your pieces! :D

Pieces submitted so far:

Spring Flower - Penny Art by EatSleepClaySpring Daffodil by Carlsbergensis

Please don't forget to read and follow the rules below.

~ The LD Team

Hi Fellow Dreamers!!

Wow I can't believe it's March already!! This means that another monthly challenge is here!

The goal of these challenges are not to compete and compare with each other.  There's also no prizes for monthly challenges.  These challenges are simply for fun and to help improve our techniques and craftsmanship in making miniature art.  Challenges also help you try things you might not have tried before. Each month the team at Little-Dreamers (LD) will think of a theme for the challenge and hopefully many of you will share your works with us!

This Month's Theme
The theme for this month is spring!  Seeing how spring is almost upon us, make a miniature that symbolizes spring!  The twist here is you only have 1 hour to complete this challenge.  (We're gonna trust you to do your piece in 1 hour, honor system =]). Even if you do not finish, post what you are able to complete in 1 hour.  

If you want, we'd love to hear feedback either noting to us or in your description.  What was the hardest part?  Is 1 hour too much time?  Too little time?  Did you include planning time as part of your 1 hour? etc..

Rules of the Challenge
1. Use only 1 hour to complete your piece
2. Baking and planning time will not count towards your 1 hour work time
         - however, if you'd like even more of a challenge, you could include the planning time as part of your 1 hour

General Rules
1.  You must be a member to submit
2.  Each person may submit as many entries as he or she wants
3.  Please submit to the correct folder: [MARCH 2013 - spring is here]
4.  Please say somewhere in your description that the piece is for Little-Dreamers's monthly challenge
5.  Please keep it appropriate =]
6.  Make sure your piece is a miniature, no life size replicas please
7.  Deadline will be: 3/31/31 @ 11:59pm

Have fun everyone and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!! :D

Yours truly,

Team at :iconlittle-dreamers:
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March 7, 2013


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